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Imagine it's your wedding day and you suddenly realize ... "this is it," the day you've worried about is finally here, and it's turned out exactly the way you wanted it to: everything is running smoothly, no awkward moments, no catastrophes — your wedding, as you dreamed it, is finally happening! What joy and what a relief!

Creating a successful wedding event can be very complicated as well as a very stressful undertaking — there are hundreds of choices to be made and a budget that must be considered.

Whether you're looking for full service planning or coordination of your event or multiple events or day-of-the wedding coordination, our  job is to help ease that burden, so that when the day finally arrives, the big event can happen as simply and as seamlessly as possible and you, the bride, can enjoy your stress-free wedding as you come smiling down the aisle.

Amazing drapes and floral designs by Jef


Thank you to all the couples that let us be part of their Special Day!. 

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"I would recommend Valentine Events to anyone looking to have a beautiful and happy wedding"

- Mia Taylor

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